Women in Leadership Spotlight Series

Freelance project for Zyter|TruCare

Earlier this year, Zyter|Trucare hired me to write a few blog posts about their leadership members. This sparked an inspiring series featuring the talented women of Zyter. 

Each piece centers on one woman and tells her unique story.

Meet Marianne Rice Caltrider, Education Success Specialist

Meet Marianne Rice Caltrider, an Education Success Specialist at Zyter|TruCare. Marianne champions educational excellence in her role, leveraging her extensive background in nursing education and deep knowledge of payer and provider technology. Her expertise is the cornerstone of Zyter| TruCare’s Educational team. Marianne understands “change is hard!” She is master in change management, and skillfully navigates teams through the intricacies of new system integrations and software deployments. H

Meet Sheena Ming, a Clinical Success Consultant

Meet Sheena Ming, a Clinical Success Consultant at Zyter|TruCare. Sheena guides clients toward comprehensive care solutions as a registered nurse and seasoned care management professional. Drawing inspiration from her extensive experience in post-acute care, she brings over ten years of expertise in care management, utilization, coordination, and quality improvement. Known for her commitment to community-based care, Sheena places people at the forefront of her work. At Zyter|TruCare, she is dedi

Meet Leslie Kramm, a Customer Engineer Manager

Meet Leslie Kramm, a customer engineer manager at Zyter|TruCare. As a registered nurse and public health expert, she guides clients toward optimal solutions. Known for her boundless energy, Leslie draws inspiration from her family of healthcare professionals. Her dedication is focused on positively influencing customers, healthcare providers, and patient experiences and outcomes.

Leslie embarked on her healthcare career with a BA in Population Health from Bucknell University, inspired by her ph

Meet Shannon Smith, Senior Director of Clinical & Business Success, Delivery Success

Meet Shannon, the Sr. Director of Clinical & Business Success, Delivery Success at Zyter|TruCare. Shannon is at the heart of our customer success through her work on the Clinical Team and customer deployments of our solutions. With an extensive background of over a decade in clinical informatics and many years as an ICU nurse, her insights form the cornerstone in harmonizing clinician perspectives with Zyter|TruCare’s cutting-edge technologies. Shannon’s expertise in process optimizations and he

Meet Charlotte Lawrence, Senior Sales Director

Meet Charlotte Lawrence, Senior Sales Director at Zyter|TruCare. She is not just a sales expert; she’s a healthcare champion of using technology and the art of nudging to advance healthcare.

The Sky Is the Limit for Those in Sales

Charlotte is a person who is curious about human experience, society, and culture. A New Orleans native (Who Dat?), Charlotte attended a small rural college in Tennessee, where she could become closely involved in her community. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in

Meet Ning Yan, Director of Product Management

Meet Ning Yan, Director of Product Management at Zyter|TruCare. She’s an innovative product designer, a clever communicator, and a relentless optimist dedicated to enhancing human-computer interaction in healthcare.

At Zyter|TruCare, Ning develops some of our most important technology, specializing in human-centered design for healthcare. She also plays an integral role behind the scenes in the theory of how we make products. Her customer-centric vision is the unifying force that helps connect

Meet Lara Fowler, the Vice President of Customer Engineering

Meet Lara Fowler, the Vice President of Customer Engineering at Zyter|TruCare. She’s a passionate healthcare advocate, a licensed care provider, and a human-centered problem solver.

As Zyter|TruCare’s Vice President of Customer Engineering, Lara Fowler represents more than just her title. Her mission to better the health and well-being of human lives manifests in every decision she makes. This passion isn’t confined to her storied corporate career but also revolutionizing how healthcare innovat

Meet Meghan Pereira, the Director of Production Support

Meet Meghan Pereira, the Director of Production Support at Zyter|TruCare. She’s a dynamic mentor and a customer service maven.

Guided by the principle “What you give is what you get,” Meghan Pereira places genuine relationships at the core of her leadership approach, adapting her style to assist her team best.

With a deep-rooted background in navigating healthcare customer needs within the tech arena, Meghan consistently prioritizes the well-being of others. This commitment has been a hallmark

Meet Elyse Sikora, the Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Elyse Sikora, the Chief Revenue Officer at Zyter|TruCare (ZTC). Apart from being a sales powerhouse and a leader who values diverse input, she thrives as a problem-solver and customer advocate. Elyse has led significant revenue growth at organizations like Google Health and now at Zyter|TruCare.

Elyse graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 2008, studying political science and communications. She jumped into her career right after graduation, working with Paragon Developme

Meet Mahima Govil, the Director of Operations

Meet Mahima Govil, the Director of Operations at Zyter|TruCare. She’s a calculated risk-taker, a creative thinker, and an organizational genius.

Mahima is always seeking meaning in her work and found her calling in digital health where she can have a positive effect on many people’s lives. With a strategic mind, she helps other leaders to reach their individual goals while always staying true to Zyter|TruCare’s mission.

Mahima graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Meet Serena Bertola, the Vice President of Delivery Success

Meet Serena Bertola, the Vice President of Delivery Success. She’s focused on (or should we say, obsessed with) customer success.

With over a decade in the healthcare industry, ranging from Care Management & Population Health to Business Process Re-engineering (BRP), Serena has the technical and industry chops to make Zyter|TruCare’s clients successful.

Born and raised in Italy, Serena attended the Politecnico di Torino, graduating with a Business Degree focusing on IT Systems Development and

Meet Joanne, the Chief Value Officer

Meet Joanne, the Chief Value Officer of Zyter – a sharp-witted, energetic, and empathetic person who helps to shape and hone the vision of the company. As a pioneer in value-based care, Joanne’s approach to leadership has led to Zyter’s success, and the success of their clients.

Recently spotlighted in the Top 50 Women Leaders of Jacksonville for 2023, Joanne is a star executive in all aspects of the healthcare industry. With an MA in accounting, a CPA, and a Carol Emmott fellowship, she is not

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Wellness Blogs for Lover

From 2021-2023, I was the content manager of everything creative for Lover, an FDA-approved sexual wellness app. Topics ranged from common male bedroom problems to peppy listicles. Researching industry trends and matching them with our content pillars, I authored, edited, and Search Engine Optimised all of Lover's blog content. 

Explore my favorite pieces below.

Top 5 Sex Toys and How to Use Them

We know that sometimes walking into an adult store can feel intimidating, and shopping online for sex toys can be confusing. It can be hard to gauge how large the item is, or how it feels on your skin.

Luckily, this guide will show you the common sex toys like the magic wand vibrator, a bullet vibrator, your average dildo, butt plugs, and our personal favorite, cock rings. We will also explain how to use vibrators with a partner or by yourself.

Why Should I Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys can add fun,
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

Fear of Sexual Intimacy: Recovery and Resources

The fear of sexual intimacy or any physical intimacy can have a massive negative effect on your romantic relationships. Fear and anxiety are also extremely challenging to regular life and can interfere with all-around health and wellbeing.

This blog post will answer frequently asked questions about the fear of its causes, and how you can begin recovering from it.

Is it normal to be scared of sexual intimacy?

It is common to be scared of sexual intimacy and touch when inexperienced or because

Cultivating Intimacy Without Sex: Activities and Ideas For Lovers

Romantic and sexual relationships often are paired with . However, if you are for mental, medical, or religious reasons there are some things you

Is it possible to have intimacy without sex?

The easy answer is yes. But, it will require you and your partner to set aside time to do activities that may feel new to you.

The definition of sex varies depending on the individual, but for the purpose of this article, we will define sex as any touch that is meant to elicit a sexual response, especiall

Is Crying After Sex Normal?

Why do I cry after sex with my partner?

You might be reading this because you are crying after having amazing, consensual sex with a loving partner.

It’s confusing when this happens, especially if you’ve had a good time and feel safe. Your mind seems to slip into an abyss suddenly, and you might struggle to get out of it. About 2% of women in a said that they “almost always” or “always” cry after sex.[1]

One person who experiences this phenomenon repeatedly is Sarah Bird, a 36-year-old UK nat

What are the most common intimacy issues?

Romantic and sexual relationships go hand in hand, but sometimes these two aspects are hard to maintain when life gets difficult. Relationships are things that grow and change and require constant maintenance.

Intimacy issues can arise when marriages have interpersonal and sexual intimacy issues. To make it worse, these issues can become cyclical. Communicating poorly in bed can lead to poor communication outside of bed.

First, we will cover emotional intimacy issues that affect your sex life

3 Reasons Women Fake Orgasms and How To Start Having Real Ones

If you’re a woman, it's very likely that at some point, you’ve faked an orgasm. Sorry to be the one to deliver the bad news guys! In fact, a found that a massive 80% of women fake orgasms during penetrative sex. That’s four out of every five women!

On the other hand, men report achieving orgasm during 90% of their heterosexual encounters, while women say it happens only 65% of the time. This is known as . (But, let’s be real, men can fake orgasms too!)

So if women are much more likely to miss

Masturbation 101: A Guide To Pleasure For Everyone

From the classroom to the retirement home, masturbation is more often a joke than a genuine discussion topic. But there are good reasons to take your solo sessions seriously!

Of course, there are a lot of myths about the effects of masturbation, which you’ve probably heard of at some point. You might even be wondering, is masturbation harmful? And if you don’t masturbate at all, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything. From the amazing

10 Relationship Goals from Instagram You Need This Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for relationship advice this Valentine’s Day, look no further!

We’ve picked our 10 favorite romantic goals from Instagram to help strengthen your relationship - or your future relationships if you’re single!

After all, Valentine’s Day is really about love. So why not celebrate with some of the most valuable lessons a Lover can learn…

Shared activities are a cornerstone of healthy relationships - especially in long-term partnerships. If you’re looking to develop a more fulfil