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Meet Dr. Navin Sethi, Chief Medical Officer

Over the past four years, Dr. Navin Sethi has been part of the leadership team that has propelled Zyter|TruCare to the forefront of healthcare innovation. And he has done it with unparalleled passion and dedication. His tireless efforts have bridged disparities in healthcare access and championed a more equitable standard of care for patients across America.

Dr. Sethi’s incredible journey transcends the confines of his role at Zyter|TruCare. Recognized among Becker’s Healthcare Magazine’s top 5

Press Release: A Winning Partnership: The Washington Freedom Teams Up with and Infinite

Zyter|TruCare, led by cricket enthusiast and chairman Sanjay Govil, steps up to the crease, proudly announcing their corporate sponsorship of the Washington Freedom Cricket team.

Cricket, the world’s second-most popular sport, boasts over 2.5 billion devout fans. Govil aims to harness this global love and cultivate cricket’s American roots, fostering a culture of diversity and camaraderie.

Govil, both an immigrant and the proud owner of the Washington Freedom, harbors a steadfast belief in the